What is Duplex Board Paper Manufacturing Process

16 August 20210

The coated surface of duplex board paper has high whiteness, smoothness, ink absorption and printing gloss. At the same time, the duplex board paper itself has good stiffness and folding endurance, widely used in paperware, packaging, printing fields. What is duplex board paper manufacturing process?

Raw Material Selection

When producing duplex board paper, it is necessary to select matching raw materials according to the type, quality and specifications of duplex board paper required by the sales market. Raw Material Selection

High grade duplex board paper manufacturing, the surface layer uses bleached chemical wood pulp, and the core and bottom layers use sulphate wood pulp, mechanical wood pulp, high-quality waste paper, etc; and sub-level duplex board paper production, the surface layer uses bleached chemical wood pulp or fine white waste paper, the core and bottom layers use waste paper pulp.

Duplex Board Paper Manufacturing Process

The complete duplex board paper production line including paper pulp stock preparation line, paper making machine.

In paper stock preparation line, waste paper processed by pulping, screening, cleaning, refining, and the wood pulp processed by pulping, cleaning and refining, finally stored in different pulp tanks for duplex board paper making machine use. In duplex board paper making machine, the paper pulp is formed, pressed, dried, sizing, calendared, coated, finally make into duplex board paper.


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