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At Dominus Impex, we are engaged in the production and export of kraft paper, duplex boards, pulp boards, or any other paper requirements. Our sound infrastructure and technology are equipped with modern manufacturing capabilities that maintain steady quality and export rate. Over the years, our company has maintained a strong foothold in many countries abroad and prides in exporting kraft paper, duplex board and pulp board in multiple western and eastern countries.

Kraft Paper

Kraft Paper

Our corrugated case materials help you prepare recyclable corrugated boards and boxes to reduce carbon footprint at ease. We supply both Testliner Paper and Fluting Medium or Medium Liner Paper for various industry applications.

Testliner Paper

The word testliner relates to papers with varying bursting strengths. Since some testliner grades have lower burst factors and they contain high concentrations of recycled fibres, the lower testliner grades are also associated with recycled fibres.

Fluting Paper

Fluting paper is the corrugated board’s middle liner, which can be used separately as a type of protective packaging paper. In the 100-170gsm range, we give Fluting / Medium. Fluting offers protection by covering hollow spaces in the outer case, supplying the main product with cushioning support.

Duplex Board

We supply both Grey and White back Duplex Boards for various industry applications.
White Back Duplex Board

We also supply White Back Duplex Boards made up of white virgin waste. They are used for the making of colorful boxes, toy boxes, shirt boards, etc. As they contain 100% recycled pulp, they showcase strong stiffness. We transport them inside strong wooden pallets with 4-angels protected with a waterproof film. They are available with a shiny and dustproof surface as per your custom sheet size and thickness, ranging from 200 to 450 GSM.

Grey Back Duplex Board

We export recyclable grey back duplex boards required for printing, packaging, making a box, label, etc. Made up of recycled pulp; these are highly eco-friendly, thus give your business a green status. A careful container loading each time ensures the paper quantity and weight to be exactly as promised. These Grey Back Duplex Boards have excellent printing adaptability and can be supplied as per your custom sheet size and thickness, ranging from 180 GSM to 450 SM.

Duplex Board
Pulp Board

Pulp Board

Pulp boards are light yet offer the necessary strength to carry products without hassle. These boards can be used for industries such as cosmetics, healthcare, beverages, etc. Our Pulp boards are 100% recyclable and ensure you of quality performance as they are manufactured following the required set of industry standards. They are available in various finish and price range to meet your custom requirements.

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