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A Look Inside a Recycling Plant

Recycling is a process where you take items made of a specific material, break it down, and reuse it in some way. The metal can that you rinsed you gets sorted and crushed with thousands of other cans to be processed, melted, and reused. Together, they get melted down and turned into new cans. Paper...

How to Recycle All Types of Amazon Packaging

There’s a problem out there that you may not stop to consider. The packaging materials you get are often trashed unnecessarily. You might know to recycle cardboard, but have you ever stopped to think about how you’re supposed to recycle it? You probably are not aware that plastic envelopes, bubble wrap, and bags are all...

The ultimate guide to paper recycling

Paper recycling has become part of our daily routine. It’s strange to think that it wasn’t until 2010 that it became a legal requirement for local authorities to collect at least two types of recyclable material from our kerbs. In the decade since, we’ve all become more eco-aware, but many of us still have gaps...

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